Welcome To The Jungle (Dj Davis Intro – Outro)

Rock Ingles (10 Tracks) (Dj Davis Simple Intro – Outro)

Young Turks (Rock Style DJ RETO)

Tonight Im Yours (Rock Style DJ RETO)

Beds Are Burning (ONNE EDIT Intro Pack 2K23) (3 Edits)

Maniac (Rock Style DJ RETO)

We’re Not Gonna Take It (ONNE EDIT Intro Pack 2K23) (2 Edits)

Who Can It Be Now (Rock Style DJ RETO)

How Do I Make You (Rock Style DJ RETO)

Rasputin (Rock Style DJ RETO)

Clones (We Re All) (ONNE EDIT Drums Intro 2K23)

The Look (ONNE EDIT Intro Pack 2K22) (2 Edits)

Take On Me (Rock Style DJ RETO)

Maria Magdalena (Rock Style DJ RETO)

Karma Chameleon (Rock Style DJ RETO)

Maria (Rock Style DJ RETO)

Heart Of Glass (Rock Style DJ RETO)

I Love Rock N Roll x Back In Black (Dj Davis Segway Fusion)

Live Is Life (Rock Style DJ RETO)

Eye Of The Tiger (Dj Davis Intro – Outro)

Every Breath You Take (Intro Acap x In Outro) 2 Edits

American Woman (Dj Davis Intro – Outro)

Who Can It Be Now (Dj Davis Intro – Outro)

MANIAC (Dj Davis Intro – Outro)

Swing The Mood (Dj Davis Intro – Outro)

Lets Twist Again (Dj Davis Intro – Outro)


Livin On A Prayer (DJ Robin Ramos Acapella Intro)(2Edits)

Pack Anglo (DJ OMY Intro Outro) 3 Edits

Your Love (ONNE EDIT Intro Pack 2K22) (2 Edits)